Texas P.D. pro tip: buy your girl a gun this Valentine's

rosenberg tx pd guns valentine

The Rosenberg, Tex. police department has posted a public service announcement to their Facebook page encouraging people to give and ask for guns as gifts this Valentine’s day.

“Men, remember Valentine’s Day is about one week away … why not the gift of safety?

“Women, tag or share [this] with the one who needs a little nudge in the right gift giving direction …”

Sounds like great advice.

By the way, a little birdie (that is to say, a press release) told us that Ares Armor is giving away pink 80 percent lowers with every EFFIN-A muzzle brake.

No FFL required, these “jig-less” polymer lowers are easy to complete with hand tools, just cut out the translucent white plastic, drill out the pin holes and you’re good to go.


They’re also having an 80 percent raw AR-10 lower receiver blowout.

Got any deals to share? Put them in the comments!

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