U.S. military’s ‘Iron Man’ suit enters next phase of development


The TALOS suit shares similarities to the fictional “Iron Man” suit.

The U.S. military announced Tuesday that its high-tech and bulletproof “Iron Man” suit for elite commandos entered the next phase of development and is scheduled to be used in combat as soon as 2018.

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit project was launched last year, and by this summer the military hopes to have three new prototypes ready. Filled with Tony-Stark-worthy tech, the suits are meant to greatly enhance the survivability of the wearer, The Complex reports.

TALOS will have liquid body armor that turns solid when an electric current or magnetic field is introduced, offering the user nearly full-body ballistic protection. The futuristic design also includes an on-board “Jarvis” to monitor biometric readings like core temperature, skin temperature, heart rate and hydration levels. It also will come stock with basic life support like heat, air and oxygen. But the military is still lacking an adequate power source.


McRaven hopes the TALOS will give special operators the edge they need to accomplish the mission safely.

“Obviously if you’re going to put a man in a suit – or a woman in a suit – and be able to walk with that exoskeleton… you’ve got to have power,” said Adm. William McRaven, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command. “You can’t have power hooked up to some giant generator.”

McRaven hopes TALOS will help operators the accomplish the mission at hand and return home safely.

“If we do TALOS right,” he said, “it will be a huge comparative advantage over our enemies and give the warriors the protection they need in a very demanding environment.”

[ The Complex ]

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