Does your gat need more axe? Melee Mod it! (8 PHOTOS)

melee mod - 4984599_orig

melee mod - 4569700_orig

melee mod - 3195656_orig

melee mod - 3133163_orig

melee mod - 9774187_orig

melee mod - 9651130_orig

melee mod - 8480823_orig

melee mod - 8337760_orig

Upgrade your gat with 1,000 percent more ax with Melee Mod’s Tact-Axe or Gatchet, both limited-edition runs of just 250 each, at the incredible price of one low, low payment of $120 or $110, depending on the model!

They also offer extra sharpening for only $10 more, for real pro tactical operators!

Obviously the zombies or bands of post-apocalyptic bikers or whathaveyou have no chance.

Melee Mods!

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