Just Miculek shootin' his 9mm Tavor (VIDEO)

So the IWI Tavor is already one of, if not the most sought-after bullpup on the market today, because it’s solid and well-made and fun to shoot and it just gets things right.

One of the things IWI promised was a 9mm conversion kit, and there has always been a little bit of a “yeah, right” feel about that, just because it’s never really happened before. But now that it’s a thing, man, is there any reason not to get a Tavor?

And with trigger kits from greats like Timney and Geissele …

tavor 9mm conversion kit

Oh, right, the gun costs $1,900, the conversion kit another $850, and the trigger packs run $350. But think of the savings shooting 9mm!

There is no arguing on one thing: they are most certainly extra-trick.

Although if I had to choose between the Tavor and that moving target stand …

[Miculek via Predator Intelligence]

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