Armed robber falls for the ‘hey, look over there’ trick (VIDEO)

Recently released CCTV footage shows an armed robber who was thwarted by a quick-on-his-feet college student who distracted the crook with the classic, yet effective, “Hey, look over there,” trick.

The 18-year-old Manchester University student found himself in a precarious situation on Nov. 29, 2013, when 32-year-old Jason Dunne shoved a pistol in his face and demanded his personal belongings. But instead of giving in, the teen took matters into his own hands, KRMG reports.

“Do you want to be shot?” the gunman asked as he thrust a gun in the student’s face.

The student, full of more than just “book smarts,” said, “Wow, what’s that over there?”

Dunne fell for what may the oldest trick in the book. The crook looked away from his intended victim and was punched squarely in the face.

Dunne fled, but was later arrested. Though police discovered the gun he was carrying was fake, he was charged with the very real crime of attempted robbery.

[ KRMG ]

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