Man shoots himself with stun gun while trying to rob his place of work, shows up for shift hours later


Andres Trevor Puskas was arrested after he attempted to rob his place of work, then came in to start his shift hours later.

A Clearwater, Florida, man accidentally shot himself with a stun gun Wednesday while trying to rob the RadioShack he worked at, then clocked in for his shift hours later.

Donning a ski mask, 20-year-old Andres Trevor Puskas barged into his place of work. Without saying a word, he pepper sprayed a fellow employee before trying to shoot her with his stun gun, but managed to hit his hand instead. Puskas fled and was arrested after he came in for work nearly six hours later, Bay News 9 reports.

Detectives interviewed Puskas, who later admitted to the attempted robbery. He claimed he needed the money to pay for his cell phone bill and car insurance. Detectives discovered the stun gun and pepper spray in Puskas’ car.

Puskas was arrested and charged with attempted robbery and his bail was set at $150,000.

[ Bay News 9 ]

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