Jeff Quinn reviews the Remington R51 (VIDEO)

Jeff Quinn of might be a pushover when it comes to liking guns but he seems genuinely enamored withe the new R51.

“The Remington R51 pistol is one of the softest-recoiling 9mm pistols that I have ever fired,” said Quinn in his review. The pistol sits low in the hand, reducing muzzle flip upon firing. Even when shooting the Plus P and Plus P Plus ammunition, the R51 is very comfortable to fire.

“In addition to the hundreds of rounds fired through the R51 pistols back last December, I fired many rounds of the ammunition listed above through this particular R51. In my hand, the R51 is one of the best feeling, best handling, and most naturally-pointing 9mm pistols that I have ever held. The R51 is just now going into production, and should be readily available soon. The R51 is priced right, built right, and built in the USA.”

The R51 has an MSRP of around $420 and will likely sell for less than $400 when it becomes widely available.

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