Caught on Tape: Nevada cops fatally shoot man who reaches for officer's AR-15

A passerby caught on video Nevada police officers tussling with a suspect and later shooting him after he reached for an AR-15 inside a police SUV Friday.

D’Andre Berghardt Jr., 20, was trying to flag down passing cyclists along a highway near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Several park rangers responded to investigate and after several minutes of trying to subdue Berghardt, he rushed towards one of the parked police vehicles and tried to climb inside. Officers opened fire, killing him, Review Journal reports.

One of the rangers pepper sprayed Berghardt after several minutes of trying to gain compliance. Nevada Highway Patrol showed up shortly after and the situation quickly escalated.

After exchanging a series of punches and kicks with officers, Berghardt rushed to an unlocked police SUV and grabbed for an AR-15 that was locked in the gun rack. The law enforcement officers unleashed a volley of fire and the suspect died at the scene.

Highway Patrol spokesman Trooper Loy Hixson said the officers “felt their lives were in danger.”

[ Review Journal ]

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