Armed robber politely demands money, thanks clerk before fleeing with car full of kids (VIDEO)

An Alabama woman politely held up a Cherokee convenience store at gunpoint Friday morning, thanking the clerk before fleeing with her car full of children.

The unidentified woman waited until the coast was clear, and then pulled out her 9mm pistol. She racked a round and demanded cash, cigarettes, and a soft drink. After taking what she wanted, the woman thanked the clerk and fled in her vehicle with a male in the passenger seat and two young children in the back seat, Times Daily reports.

According to Cherokee Police Chief Jason Williamson, no one was injured.

“She had placed a soft drink on the counter and asked for two cartons of cigarettes when another customer walks up,” Williamson said. “She told the clerk, she would be right back and left, letting him wait on the other customer. When the customer left, the robber walks back in, pulls the gun and robbed him. Once she got the money and the items, she smiled, thanked the clerk and left.”

[ Times Daily ]

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