Would-be burglar shot in the groin by intended victim (VIDEO)

One resident said that David Miles was “blessed” to have only been shot in the groin. (Photo credit: ABC)

One resident said that David Miles was “blessed” to have only been shot in the groin. (Photo credit: ABC)

A would-be burglar got much more than he bargained for when he attempted to break into an apartment in Dyersburg, Tenn. Tuesday and the armed resident fired a single shot, hitting the suspect in the groin.

According to a local ABC affiliate, neighborhood residents were surprised not so much to hear about the break-in, but who was behind it. The suspect, 30-year-old David R. Miles Jr., lives in the same apartment complex where the break-in occurred.

But when he tried to get into the apartment by breaking the window – neighbor or not – he got shot.

The resident, who has not been publically identified, called the police, who responded and soon thereafter found Miles a short distance from the apartment complex.

Miles was transported to a Memphis hospital where he was treated for the non-life threatening gunshot wound and released into police custody where he is now facing aggravated burglary charges and is due in court today.

Following the incident, authorities also discovered that Miles currently has pending domestic violence charges. Apparently he was previously in a relationship with another resident at the apartment complex, but authorities did not reveal whether that same woman was involved in the domestic dispute or if that woman lives in the same apartment where the break-in occurred.

But although Miles may be described by some as a “nice, quiet” guy that “didn’t bother nobody,” residents still don’t have much sympathy for him.

“I think it’s bad that something like that could happen, you know people breaking into people’s houses and getting shot,” neighbor Diane Thomas said. “People got to protect themselves, it’s just a bad situation.”

Thomas also added that Miles was lucky to only walk away with a gunshot wound to the groin, “because it could have been worse.”

Another resident, Robert Holloway said he was surprised to hear about Miles getting shot, “But if you’re breaking a window, that’s what you get.”

Thomas said with all that’s going on in their community and everywhere else, “Before they think about burglary, they need to think about what they might run into.”

Resident Sheldon Moore had the same simple message, “Don’t break into houses, you could get shot like that.”

The District Attorney’s office determined that no charges would be filed against the resident who shot Miles.

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