Dashcam footage clears man of charges, indicts officers instead (VIDEO)

Recently released dashcam footage has helped clear a New Jersey man of criminal charges and has indicted the arresting officers.

Bloomfield resident Marcus Jeter, 30, was previously facing a 5-year sentence for evading police, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. But after the dashcam video of Jeter’s arrest was released, his charges were dropped and the officers faced indictment, ABC reports.

During Jeter’s trial, the dashcam video of was withheld and without that piece of evidence, the Bloomfield police officer’s testimony trumped Jeter’s.

Though the officers testified Jeter was combative and resisted arrest, the video clearly shows it was the other way around. Jeter quickly pulled over as soon as he was lit up, held his hands in the air, and was not aggressive towards police. But the officers smashed his window, repeatedly struck him, and drug him out of the car.

The officers involved were charged with falsifying reports, and one of them was charged with assault. However, after reviewing the evidence, the Bloomfield police department found no fault with the officers’ actions.

[ ABC ]

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