More reviews of the Glock 42 (VIDEO)

The Glock 42: it’s OK to like it. It’s OK not to like it. I’m OK, you’re OK, and the Glock 42 is OK with that.

However, some users are reporting early problems with the design. While most people were asking Glock to make a single-stack 9mm, these sorts of problems would critically damage Glock’s reputation if they were in any way related to a 9mm handgun; it makes a lot of sense for Glock to roll out an all-new design in .380, with its smaller market.

Whether or not you’re in the market for a large-ish 6+1 .380, it makes sense for Glock to test an all-new gun with a smaller test group before jumping into 9mm waters. Pretty sure that’s what’s happening with the 42.

There’s more of this at the Iraqveteran8888 and Yankee Marshal YouTube channels.

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