Spetsnaz firearms instructor demonstrates totally practical human shield exercise

A Spetsnaz firearms instructor demonstrated to his students a totally practical and perfectly useful way to turn any ordinary human into a shield, according to the video posted to LiveLeak.

Admittedly, I don’t speak Russian, but I’m fairly certain I can translate this.

When the instructor is sitting on top of the student he says, “It’s game over. Now look at my subordinate. His name’s Thomas. … Now, put the strap over his eyes.”

After the instructor hampers his student’s vision and effectively immobilizes him, he says, “Very good. And last, the enemy will cry.”

Alright, so that’s probably not what he was saying, but the fact still remains this is one of the worst “special forces” techniques ever.

If you can translate Russian or have a better interpretation, feel free to leave it in the comments.

[ LiveLeak Video No Longer Available ]

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