Taking an M&P CORE 9mm to the 435-yard line (VIDEO)

If this for some insane reason makes you feel like less of a shooter because you doubt your ability to hit a two-foot plate at 435 yards with a 9mm handgun, well, don’t, because Jerry Miculec is proof that aliens from the future have infiltrated our time with their cyborg agents.

It’s all part of greater scheme that will embroil mankind in a decades-long apocalypse that will pit man against machine, our own post-singularity creations seeking a twisted ideal blending cybernetic freedom and dominance over inferior, weak humanity.

But for now we can at least enjoy Miculek’s phenomenal exposition shooting. (Besides, in the second part of the apocalypse we kidnap Miculek and re-program him to serve and protect mankind and in a twist, at least one machine learns what it means to be human.)

It’s all pretty “trick.”

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