Street-legal Tumbler from ‘Batman Begins’ listed at $1 million (VIDEO)


This replica of the Tumbler from “Batman Begins” is listed for $1 million.


While it doesn’t have missiles or machineguns built in, it does come in black.

A custom built street-legal replica of the Tumbler inspired by the movie “Batman Begins” is up for sale for a paltry $1 million.

Sporting an eight-cylinder LS1 motor built around a custom frame, chassis and driveline, this automatic rear-wheel-drive monster is ready to bring the criminal underworld to its knees, James Edition reports.

The two-seater comes stock with five driver-assist cameras, cd/dvd player, iPod integration, GPS navigation, a custom interior and more. But unfortunately, there with will only be five of these limited edition replicas produced.

While the vehicle listed on James Edition is a replica, car enthusiast Jay Leno managed to take the actual Tumbler for a spin last year.

Although this concept vehicle doesn’t come packed with high-tech weaponry or have the ability to turn into an awesome motorcycle, it does come in black.

[ James Edition ]

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