22plinkster smokes 'em all with a pistol at 500 yards (VIDEO)

ballistics calculatedZero does it at 330 yards, Miculek does it at 435 yards, (100 yards upside-down) but 22plinkster does it at 500 yards. Proof that not the size of a man’s gun, nor the quality of his beard, but the content of his, ah, hoodie? Or something.

TIL that it takes three seconds for the combined travel times of a .22 round striking a target and its report to get back to the camera at 500 yards.

With a little help from Hornady and Ballistics by the Inch and some guessing, our shooter had to correct for about 250 inches, 20 feet, of bullet drop (Colt Woodsman, 6-inch barrel, 1060 feet per second muzzle velocity, 36 grains and a ballistic coefficient of .13).

As always, there’s plenty more where that came from over on the 22plinkster YouTube Channel.

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