Glock follows in Heckler & Koch's footsteps with confidence (VIDEO)

hampk no compromise loaded backwards

Remember this? It’s OK if you don’t, because it’s slightly obscure. Heckler & Koch gaffed hard with this product catalog for 2004. No compromises, right?

Well Glock is pretty confident about their current line-up. And you should be, too:

Because Glocks are the only guns with advanced Glock Gatteries™ technology that allow their Glock model gats to fire the whole cartridgeWhy just shoot the bullet?

With Glock Gatteries you get everything: the bullet, the case, the propellant and the primer. This devastating increase in mass not only hits harder, it also fires twice.

The only handgun on the market with true extra-second-strike capabilities, Glock’s patented DoubleBlat advantage means that once the cartridge engages with the target it fires a second time, for the ultimate in dakka delivery.

With Glocks, there simply is no need for more dakka. And that’s confidence you can believe in.

glock confidence shoot whole cartridge

(If they correct or pull this video, link to a copy in the comments and we’ll put it in the main piece.)

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