Arnold cooks up Steak & Egger Sandwich with ‘Epic Meal Time’ (VIDEO)

Arnold stops by to hang out with “Epic Meal Time” and helps cook up some muscle-building protein to create his signature Steak & Egger Sandwhich.

Epic Meal Time is one of the biggest YouTube channels out there and they’ve had some pretty big superstars on their show. For this epic meal, Arnold uses his tank to scramble an ostrich egg and cook some bacon, according to the video posted to YouTube.

Cooking 78,583 calories and 4,172 grams of fat is just the beginning, eating it is the real challenge. And to burn off any excess gristle and grime, Arnold takes to a tank to crush some cars.

If you’re unfamiliar with “Epic Meal Time,” catch up on some of the classics like the one with FPS Russia.

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