Miculek and Zero weigh in on the Tac-Con 3MR rapid-fire trigger (VIDEO)

Funker Tactical explains it well. “The 3MR Trigger System is a drop-in replacement for your AR family trigger group. It features 3 settings – Safe, Semi-Auto, and a Positive Reset 3rd Mode. The 3rd mode is set to be a game changer. At the rear of the trigger group is a lever that pushes up against the hammer as the bolt-carrier drives over it during recoil. This lever pushes the hammer forward faster to the trigger-sear, causing a far faster reset. This is also pushes the trigger forward, all during the recoil phase, allowing far faster split times between shots.

“In the hands of an expert like Instructor Zero, the results are devastating. The trigger itself is a 4.5 pound match trigger, with zero take-up and no overtravel. The entire mechanism is CNC machined in house by Tac-Con, and is NP3 (Nickel Teflon) coated for enhanced durability and longevity. The question I’m sure most of you are asking is, ‘Will this be legal in my state?’ There is good news there, as the BATFE has ruled it 100% legal. It is a faster resetting semi-automatic trigger, but one pull of the trigger results in one shot. Tactical Fire control has created a trigger group that is safer, faster, and more reliable.”

Zero took to the 3MR like beard on ops, but Jerry Miculec’s experience is more in-line with the majority.

With some exceptions, most people find that there is a learning curve to the 3rd Mode. It partially-resets the trigger, so the user still has to do his or her part.

And at $500, it begs the question as to whether or not it’s worth it over a fast competition trigger with plenty of money left over for ammo.

Then again, part of the appeal is the fact that the trigger goes all the way ’round …

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