'Photo' of the day: a look inside the AK


This is a meticulous cutaway of an AK demonstrating each of its critical functions.

I leaned in to get a better look, realizing that’s an uncommon-looking AK, could it be a Type II? It sure looks like it!

Then I thought, what a shame for a piece of history to be turned inside-out like that, of course, it’s probably not likely that a Type II is registered and transferable anyway, so at least it gets to serve some purpose.

Sitting back I thought, for such an painstakingly-prepped photo, it’s oddly out of focus. You’d think the photographer would have opened up the depth of field. Why would someone deliberately include a flaw like that?

That’s when it hit me: this isn’t a photo at all. It is a detailed rendering by ABiator, there is a desktop wallpaper-sized version here. Credit where credit’s due: this is pretty amazing.

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