Police chief honors bouncer who stopped gunman (VIDEO)

A Minnesota police chief honored a bouncer Wednesday after he thwarted a gunman who was ready to attack.

Eric Wasson worked security at Johnny Baby’s bar on Sept. 21, 2013, when a man with a handgun walked in. Wasson lunged at the man and wrestled him to the ground. The gun discharged twice during the struggle, but no one was struck. Later, Wasson was rewarded for his actions, Twin Cities reports.

St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith presented Wasson with the highest honor a citizen can attain, the Chief’s Award for Valor.

“Mr. Wasson, you were indeed a hero that evening,” Smith said. “We don’t know what that suspect may have done if he was allowed inside of the bar. … You displayed a great amount of courage when you chose to disarm the suspect and protect the customers in the bar.”

After being presented with the award, Wasson said, “God is good.”

[ Twin Cities ]

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