Arnold Schwarzenegger in 5.11 Tactical in 'Sabotage' (VIDEO)

In this video you will see many different styles and sizes of 5.11 Tactical apparel as it delivers our heroic protagonists through their justice-seeking adventure with grace and skill.

It is a trailer for the upcoming cop shop blockbuster “Sabotage”. For more hit up Facebook and Twitter.

But is anyone else wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger is, er, uh, bleaching his eyebrows? I’m not saying Arnold Schwarzenegger shouldn’t bleach his eyebrows, I mean, the guy is still ripped in his sixties, he does what he wants, but does he want bleached eyebrows?

Also, his middle name is Alois. Dare you to make fun of that name.

Arnold. Alois. Schwarzenegger.

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