Miculek weighs in on the robot target, the Targabot (VIDEO)

This is a brief demonstration of the Targabot by Targamite with champion shooter Jerry Miculek. While prices are only available on request, the rumor mill says that it’s in the low four digits. Miculek said it’s “along the price of a higher end AR,” which probably means $3,000, give or take $1,000.

That makes it a little on the high side for your average shooter, but easily-affordable by a shooting range. Hopefully these will become accessible to the greater world of shooting in time.

Obviously their market is for military and law enforcement training, but a regular range could make bank selling range time with one of these nifty robots.

Since there’s not a lot of fancy shooting in this video, here’s Miculek sharing his recipe for coleslaw:

[Team Miculek]

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