NRA Life of Duty’s ‘Hallowed Targets’ looks at shootings in the Church (VIDEO)

NRA Life of Duty “Hallowed Targets” takes a look at shootings that occur in the Church.

Shootings in the Christian Church are occurring globally and “Hallowed Targets” examines the importance of having a security plan in place to safeguard the congregation.

“For years there was this bubble around the churches, and the bad guys stayed away from the churches,” said Dick Jeffries, Director of Security Operations at Faith Baptist in Bartlett, Tennessee. “Maybe they didn’t believe in God, but there was respect for the Church. But that’s no longer there.”

Many of the churches in the video employ former and current law enforcement officers on their emergency response teams. Off-duty SWAT officers are among some of those who have taken a personal interest in protecting the congregation and roam the halls of the mega churches.

“I think the key is that basically you have a group of guys that have that skill of observance,” said Nick Brugal, a member of the Faith Baptist security team. “You know, they work everyday or they have worked everyday looking at people, reading body language. We just want to make sure that when it becomes that uncontrollable situation we’re here to react, because even if the fastest response time is three minutes – three minutes of an active shooter is too long.”

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