Violent intruder discovers neighbor by the name of Rosko Rock is not one to mess with (VIDEO)

According to police records, the couple had a history of domestic disputes, although the frequency and intensity is unknown. (Photo credit: WPTV)

According to police records, the couple had a history of domestic disputes, although the frequency and intensity is unknown. (Photo credit: WPTV)

An apparent domestic dispute earlier this month in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, spilled over into a neighbor’s home and ended fatally for a man accused of attacking his girlfriend and another woman.

According to The Palm Beach Post, it was Saturday, March 1, around 5:00 in the evening when 39-year-old Dale Hendrix Reese went searching for his girlfriend. The couple had apparently been involved in some sort of dispute and the girlfriend, Sarah Neuhalfen, had gone to visit a friend who rented a room at a house several blocks away.

When Reese discovered Neuhlafen’s car parked outside the house, he slashed her tires. It was at that point that the homeowner, 81-year-old Rosko Rock, walked outside and confronted the man.

Now a book should never be judged by its cover. Just because a guy has a wrestler-sounding name like Rosko Rock, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is indeed a tough guy. Likewise, just because the man is in his 80s doesn’t mean that he’s not willing to put up a fight either.

Nonetheless, Reese pushed Rock to the side and made his way to the house by kicking in the front door, breaking the frame in the process. Once inside, Reese began attacking both of the women. Neither move set well with Rock, who had also gone back inside his home and retrieved his handgun.

Although he says the man is a good guy, Rock’s next door neighbor, Harry Cornelius, told reporters, “My neighbor, he’s the kind of guy you don’t mess with.”

Rock apparently warned Reese several times to back off and leave the women alone, but not only did he not heed the warnings, he then turned his attentions on Rock. And when Reese came at Rock in a threatening manner, the armed homeowner shot the intruder a single time, striking him in the face.

When police arrived shortly thereafter, Reese was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

“I’m sure he did not want to shoot him. He’s not that kind of guy. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a very good neighbor,” Cornelius said.

Yet, Daryl Rogers, a friend of Reese, told reporters that he doesn’t buy the story that’s been told.

“I don’t see him doing what they say, being aggressive like that. I don’t see him going after nobody. He’s not an aggressive man,” Rogers said, adding that he never saw the couple fight.

However, according to local media, police records indicate that the couple had a history of domestic issues.

No charges are expected to be filed against Rock, who did not wish to talk to reporters.

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