Man seeking Twitter fame threatens to shoot random passerby at 100 re-tweets


Dakkari McAnuff, 20, was arrested after tweeting he would shoot a random passerby if he got 100 re-tweets.

A Los Angeles man seeking Twitter fame was arrested after threatening to shoot a random passerby if he got 100 re-tweets Wednesday.

Dakkari McAnuff, 20, tweeted a photo of a rifle pointed out a window with the caption “100 RTs and I’ll shoot someone walking.” LAPD officers quickly tracked McAnuff to his home and arrested him, L.A. Times reports.

McAnuff was charged with suspicion of making criminal threats with a bail set at $50,000. Authorities later determined the rifle in the photo was an air rifle.

McAnuff’s Twitter account was deactivated and his goal of Twitter fame was only half realized.

[ L.A. Times ]

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