Brief hands-on with the Remington R51 (VIDEO)

I wouldn’t say that the R51s we handled at SHOT were low-quality, just in-line with other guns at the same price point. This, however, is a totally different thing entirely. I’m not sure how quality control let this one through the gate.

One thing’s clear: between the early, incorrect sizes leaked stating the pistol was smaller than it really is combined with the slow launch means that the R51 is looking at an uphill race from the start. When other companies like Springfield and Smith & Wesson have their established XD-S and Shield pistols on the market, Remington is going to have to do some real work to get a shine on the R51’s image.

Still, its unique action, small slide profile, retro-futuristic looks and simple controls will give this gun an advantage in the concealed-carry world, even if it’s starting off on the wrong foot.

[The Military Arms Channel]

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