Michael Bloomberg: I can outspend the NRA, gun manufacturers (VIDEO)

Billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg made it abundantly clear that he plans to continue his fight to pass tougher gun laws at both the federal and state levels in a recent Yahoo interview with Katie Couric.

In fact, the former New York City mayor did not even bristle at the thought of going dollar for dollar in the political arena with the nation’s preeminent gun rights organization, the National Rifle Association.

“You think you can really outspend the NRA and the gun manufacturers?” Couric asked.

“Oh sure,” Bloomberg responded. “I’m not the only funder of this. All of these groups raise money. There are other people who understand. They want their kids to be safe.”

Bloomberg is the co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, arguably the most aggressive pro-gun control organization in the country, especially now that MAIG has partnered with the grassroots-savvy Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Specifically, Bloomberg wants to see a federal law that expands background checks to cover private firearm transfers made over the Internet and at gun shows. Last year, an expanded background check bill sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) failed to clear the Senate, falling six votes shy of the 60 required to overcome a GOP-led filibuster.

Though he didn’t give a timeframe, in the interview, Bloomberg said he was “100 percent convinced that we will get a bill through Congress, through the Senate and the House…”

“I will support individual senators and congressmen that vote to make my kids safer and your kids safer,” he said.

Bloomberg also suggested that the number of gun owners in this country has actually decreased over the past few decades, from 35 percent of households to 25 percent of households, and that the surge in recent gun sales during the Obama administration can be accounted for as, “people who have guns have lots of guns, but fewer people have guns” today than they did years ago.

In response to the claim that gun ownership is on the decline, the NRA-ILA responded in a post arguing that percentages of gun ownership “have fluctuated wildly several times over just the last decade or so, dropping eight points in one year, and gaining eight points back the next year, and so on, trends that could hardly reflect reality.”

Indeed. Looking at the Gallup poll on household gun ownership it appears that the numbers fluctuate from year to year.

Gallup Poll Household Gun Ownership (Photo credit: Gallup)

Gallup Poll Household Gun Ownership (Photo credit: Gallup)

Regardless of whether gun ownership is on the rise or decline, Bloomberg has once again expressed his unflinching resolve to transform the nation’s gun laws.

Will he succeed?

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