Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee to hear 15 gun bills

Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee

Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee last year when they discussed gay marriage. (Photo credit: Human Rights Campaign)

The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee will hear a slew of gun bills this afternoon. The committee, made up of 13 state representatives, including 12 democrats and one republican, will review 15 bills that range from preventing domestic violence abusers from owning guns to limiting magazine capacity.

Each bill is listed here along with the provided legislative summary.

  1. House Bill 7311 would prevent anyone convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense from purchasing, owning, carrying, transporting or possessing a firearm.
  2. House Bill 7310 would prohibit the possession and/or ownership of a firearm by a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor under the domestic violence statute.
  3. House Bill 7328 would require that mandatory jail sentencing imposed on the crime of possession of a stolen firearm not be suspended or deferred.
  4. House Bill 7376 would provide for automatic renewal of a gun permit or license.
  5. House Bill 7381 would delete unnecessary language with regard to the destruction of application records for the purchase of a rifle or shotgun, if an applicant is not otherwise disqualified under any other applicable provision of the general laws.
  6. House Bill 7582 would provide for limited exceptions to the provisions of the general laws prohibiting the possession of a firearm by minors while a minor is in the presence of a qualified adult or participating in certain competitive or ceremonial events.
  7. House Bill 7583 establishes the Safe Fire Arms Act, regulating the manufacture, sale, possession and transfer of certain assault weapons, with several exceptions.
  8. House Bill 7584 would impose restrictions on the manufacture, transfer and possession of certain semiautomatic assault weapons. It would ban large capacity ammunition feed devices.
  9. House Bill 7585 makes possession of magazines holding more than 10 rounds unlawful while providing an exemption for military and law enforcement personnel and firearms dealers supplying lawful users. Certain probate transfers are exempted as well.
  10. House Bill 7586 would make changes to the records requirements associated with applications to carry firearms.
  11. House Bill 7588 would make it a felony to discharge a firearm or incendiary or explosive device aboard an aircraft.
  12. House Bill 7855 would restrict the possession or transportation of firearms at airports.
  13. House Bill 7856 would limit the prohibition against possessing weapons on school grounds to students and exempts culinary activities from the school weapons ban.
  14. House Bill 7857 establishes firearm violence prevention fund financed by a $50 assessment against persons convicted of firearms offenses.
  15. House Bill 7923 would prohibit persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic offenses from possessing firearms, prohibits the carrying of rifles/shotguns in vehicles, and provides additional penalties for transferring a firearm to a minor if firearm is used in crime of violence.

The latter bill, 7923, was added to the agenda last week. The hearing follows the state Firearms Safety Task Force publishing a review of state mental health and weapons laws. The review concludes that Rhode Island begin submitting limited additional information about mental health actions to the NICS database.

If the committee approves any of the measures, they’ll move on for another review or hit the House floor for a vote.

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