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Tactical crosswalk (plural tactical crosswalks)

  1. (US) The imaginary intersection that manifests in the minds of operators following a completed drill. Often operators will check this intersection for incoming traffic before holstering a side-arm.
  2. (US) Looking to the left and to the right and back to the left again after shooting a gun.

Did you see that guy at the range with the tactical crosswalk? He must be an operator. 

I have to strongly agree with this. When people do the tactical crosswalk, they’re not training themselves to be aware, they’re ingraining an OCD twitch into their shooting habits.

Looking to the left and right isn’t a threat assessment. It’s just goofy.

Crossing a real intersection does a better job of honing your threat assessment skills. And you don’t look like a wiener when looking both ways.

So pull up a chair an let this guy teach you a thing or to. Because he can do this:

So it’s not like he’s pulling his advice out of nowhere.

[Funker Tactical via YouTube]

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