One girl’s view on ‘Why Everyone Should Own a Gun (VIDEO)

YouTuber BraveTheWorld expresses her viewpoint on “Why Everyone Should Own a Gun,” which includes giving women an equal chance to fight an attacker, the love of freedom and an inherent right to stay alive.

Julia Tourianski believes that while one can argue about gun rights until they turn blue in the face there is only one true and undeniable point to be made: The right to bear arms is inherent in all human beings, BraveNewWorld reports.

“You are alive. You have an inherent right to stay alive. A gun is a tool. You have the right to wield it to preserve your life when under threat,” Tourianski says.

Tourianski is as open about her values as she is on her stance on the Second Amendment and shares a bit about herself on her website, BraveNewWorld,

“I am in a love affair with freedom. I am in the business of anti-politics. I am a promoter of anti-state mentality. I want anarchy to be in peoples’ minds, and I want it do drip into their hearts,” she says.

“Private property, the free-market, non-aggression, self-ownership, individualism…these are things that breed prosperity and peace. Statism cannot exist without the collectivist mentality. The collectivist mentality cannot exist without compliance. Compliance cannot exist without authoritarianism, and authoritarianism cannot exist without lies,” she adds.

Tourianski believes the world is changing and if you “open your eyes… freedom will follow.”

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