Buried WWI bomb explodes, kills two Belgian construction workers

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Emergency personnel collect evidence after a WWI-era bomb detonated and killed two construction workers.

A buried bomb from World War I exploded Wednesday and killed two Belgian construction workers and injured two more on an industrial site at the former Flanders battlegrounds in Ypres.

The shell, or possible grenade, is believed to be from the Great War. It is unclear what caused the ordinance to blow up as there was no digging being conducted at the site, the Associated Press reports.

The Flanders battlefields stretch across dozens of cities where the allies fought the German forces and is home to untold numbers of undetonated ordinance.

Earlier this month the Belgian bomb squad disposed of a large amount of WWI ammunition that was discovered on the border of the West Flemish municipalities of Passchendaele and Moorslede.

Normally the squad would have been called in to dispose of the armament that killed the two construction workers, but it detonated unexpectedly.

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The blast killed two construction workers and injured two others.

[ Associated Press ]

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