Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen settles for $4.5 million in Occupy Oakland beanbag case (VIDEO)

Scott Olsen, a former Marine who served two tours in Iraq, recently settled for $4.5 million in a lawsuit against the city of Oakland after suffering serious head trauma from a police-deployed beanbag during the 2011 Occupy Oakland protests, his attorneys announced Friday.

Olsen, then 24, was peacefully protesting when he was shot in the head by an Oakland police officer with a less-than-lethal beanbag round on October 25, 2011. The shot was deployed from approximately 20 feet away and left him with a fractured skull and permanent brain damage. While Olsen received several million dollars from the city, he says he didn’t really win, NBC reports.

“I didn’t win, uh, part of my brain back that’s dead,” said Olsen, who has learned to talk again but still struggles with basic tasks. “Um, but you know, I… I… It’s hard, it was a hard recovery process. This isn’t everything.”

Olsen still has difficulty concentrating and because of his condition cannot return to his previous job as a computer systems administrator. He also has nearly $200,000 in medical debt from the incident.

City attorney Barbara Parker says that considering the extent and permanence of Olsen’s injuries, $4.5 million is a “fair settlement.”

Below is the raw video of the Olsen’s original incident.

[ NBC ]

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