Heart of Fire Church: A God loving, gun loving, patriotic place of worship (VIDEO)

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. In this episode of We The People, we visit Heart of Fire in Louisville, Kentucky — it’s a God loving, gun loving, patriotic place of worship.

Heart of Fire has been described as having the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll instead of a stiff religious type setting. The focus is on people and spirit, which you recognize when you look out at the pews during worship and see that everybody is armed.

Bishop Dan Johnson, who leads the sermons, explains why as a Christian it’s important to be armed, a theme at the church.

Jesus thought it was important and in the book of luke, he told to his disciples, he said bring a coat — if you have a coat, bring a coat, if you have a bag, bring a bag, so you have luggage, if you don’t have a sword, he said sell your coat and buy a sword. I believe Jesus taught us to be armed and it is important.”

Not only that, as Johnson and his congregation explain, as Americans we need to keep the government at bay.

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