Let's have a fireside chat with Dugan Ashley (VIDEO)

I like my FNX, it’s like a Glock, but it doesn’t work with Glock 33-round magazines, or even Glock 17-round magazines. A lot of Glock people say that about the FNX.

You know it has a grip, too. More and more guns have grips these days, but if you put too many grips on a gun, that’s a bad thing. Like, if you put a pistol grip on a gun, without registering it with the government, well you’re breaking the law. Even with Glock pistols.

Very few guns come with bullets, a lot of people don’t know that. You can sometimes buy guns with bullets, but like, probably not at a gun store, they usually sell those separately. You can buy them at the same time but they won’t be in the box with the gun. You’ll have to do that part. If you find a gun that comes with bullets you’re probably buying the gun from some guy. That’s a good thing to know so you figure out if you’re at a gun store or not.

If you do buy a gun from a guy, with or without bullets, it might not have a box. That’s OK, you can just use a pillow, or a cushion. I like to use throw pillows. That way when you’re at home you can put all your guns on the throw pillows where they can be comfortable but when you take the guns to the range you put them inside the pillows to keep the light from getting on them.

You’ll probably get a lot of people take notice of your gun pillows at the range. These people are just envious of your pillows and they’re frustrated because their guns get uncomfortable sometimes in the boxes.

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