Do you even train upside-down, bro? (VIDEO)

In this video, the Funker Tactical crew makes you look at Zero’s butt. It’s OK, it was for training purposes, and the shooting is still impressive. Those are pretty small plates and the camera angle is wide, they’re at least five yards — meters, whatever, they’re in Italy — maybe seven; 16 out of 17 isn’t bad.

These unconventional training videos are going to have a pretty big effect on how shooters, whether they’re professional, competitive or individual shooters, drill and think about training for years to come. And also make you look at Zero’s butt.

Here’s another example of going inverted in a gun fight:

If you’re not familiar with rolls they look a lot more difficult and athletic than they really are. Here’s a guide that will get you started. Practice on something not wood or concrete. I feel that shouldn’t have to be said but, well, practice on something not wood or concrete. Here’s a more specific video about sideways rolls, but if looking at Zero butt makes you feel insecure than, yeah, half-naked slacker traceur gymnast warning ahead.

[Funker Tactical]

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