Poland’s futuristic ‘invisible’ stealth tank (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Poland is developing a futuristic “invisible” stealth tank that may see its first battle in the near future.

The PL-01 concept battle tank is bathed in angular shapes, rendering it nearly invisible to radar. Adaptive paneling that can adjust the tank’s surface temperature to match its surroundings means it will also evade thermal imaging scans. And the final version will be painted in camouflage to help cloak it from visual scans, Washington Post reports.

While the PL-01 is meant to slip through a battlefield unnoticed, its modular unmanned turret that fires auto-loading 105mm or 120mm shells, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, remote controlled machine gun, and smoke grenade launchers make it a formidable support vehicle.

Production for the PL-01 is expected to begin in 2018 with a the first units rolling off the assembly line as soon as 2022.


The PL-01 has adaptive panels that can adjust the surface of the tank to match the ambient temperature, rendering it invisible to thermal imaging.


The angular shapes and radar absorbing materials give the PL-01 a very small radar signature.


Cameras mounted around the tank give the operator 350 degrees of view.


The turret features an auto-loading cannon that fires 105mm or 120mm projectiles.


Production is expected to begin in 2018 with the first units completed by 2022.


The PL-01 also features a wide array of armament like a remote control machine gun and smoke grenade launchers.

[ Washington Post ]

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