Complete shooting review of the Lionheart LH9N-MKII (VIDEO)

This is one handgun that’s definitely on my list.

It does receive some criticism for having a strange trigger. Called “Double Action Plus+” the LH9 hammer can be pushed forward, partially decocking the pistol. It’s only partially-decocked, though, as the mainspring is still under tension. The trigger returns to its double-action position, but with a little nudge, the hammer and trigger reset to their single-action positions.

Critics will say this complicates the pistol, but Double Action Plus+ is completely optional. The gun can be carried cocked-and-locked, standard double-action/single-action and it has a manual safety that can be engaged with the trigger in single-action, double-action and Double Action Plus+. It gives you all the options in the world. And it’s a very smooth, light and predictable trigger.

The full-size pistol is very compact and the standard models, the LH9 and LH9N do not have rails, making them particularly snag-free for concealed-carry.

Because the gun is obscure, people expect it to be inexpensive, which it’s not. You don’t hear SIG owners complain too much; the build quality and finish of Lionheart’s products is at the top of the game. People who own them know they’re getting their money’s worth.

For more info on the guns, head over to the Lionheart website. For more reviews check out the Military Arms Channel.

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