Brady Campaign releases new ‘Speak Up’ PSA series (VIDEO)

The Brady Campaign released a new PSA series called “Speak Up.”

There are five new videos in total titled “Ticker,” “Hallway,” “Basketball,” “Cafeteria,” and “Marquee.” Each runs at 30 seconds and states that “in four out of five school shootings, the attacker tells someone about it first.” The ads encourage anyone that sees the “signs” of a school shooter to call 1-866-SPEAK-UP.

Currently there is no information linked to the videos but reached out to the Brady Campaign, who said they will be giving out more details next month when the PSAs official launch.

At the end of each video the same message scrolls across: “The signs are usually there. Now there’s something you can do.”

To see the rest of the videos visit the Brady Campaign YouTube homepage.

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