Russian President Vladimir Putin includes ‘grenade throwing’ in reinstated Stalinist fitness program


Putin showing the young rooskies how it’s done, performing the perfect butterfly stroke on a warm 30 degree day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Monday he wants to raise fitness in his country and so has reinstated a 1930’s Stalinist training program that includes swimming, running and, yes, grenade throwing.

The program, known by the Russian initials GTO, or “Ready for Labor and Defense,” is meant to improve the fitness level of all ages and will draw its funds from what is left over from the Sochi Winter Olympics, which, according to Putin has bolstered Russia’s global fitness ranking, Huffington Post reports.

“The Olympics and Paralympics have demonstrated that we are again becoming one of the leaders in global sports,” Putin said.

Aside from swimming and running, the program will include events like jumping, skiing, pouring ice-cold water on children, and even throwing grenades, though no comment was made on how those skills will translate to future Olympic events.

Children pour cold water on themselves during regular exercises in Krasnoyarsk

Children scramble to get back inside after having cold water poured on them as part of the fitness program.

The original GTO was geared towards “all-round physical development of the individual and the strengthening and preservation of people’s health and their aptitude for high labor efficiency and protection of the Motherland.”

According to Time, the newly revived GTO will kick off in September and officials will annually report to Putin to keep him updated on the progress.

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