Testing G2 RIP ammo the FPSRussia way (VIDEO)

03/28/14 4:51 PM | by

The hardest part about this review process is clearly keeping up the fake accent.

Honest talk time: despite some of these more favorable reviews I am more and more unimpressed with the G2 projectile design.

Ballistics media isn’t a one-to-one equivalent to a person’s body. The first three to four inches of ballistics gel offer about as much resistance as skin, which is really stretchy and resilient.

G2 Reaserch’s RIP ammo sheds a lot of energy right away, which is impressive in gel, and that’s the point. But in reality you want that expansion cavity to be as constant as possible throughout the length of the ballistics media. The remaining mass of non-trocar bullet has zero expansion and a lot of over-penetration. This stuff is half birdshot, half ball ammo, just in a different package. If it were sold as such no one would buy it for self-defense.

Don’t get me wrong, no one is volunteering to stand in front of a gun loaded with RIP. But I do wonder if it’s responsible to market this as a solid self-defense cartridge.

I mean, yay, FPSRussia! He’s back!

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