Animated short on ‘Leland Yee: Part-time politician, full-time arms dealer’ (VIDEO)

An animated short about California state Senator Leland Yee briefly explains how the staunch pro gun-control advocate found himself behind bars after trafficking firearms to undercover FBI agents. reported that Yee was arrested and charged last week for a plethora of crimes, including plotting to smuggle guns into the country, concluding a four-year-long FBI investigation.

While Yee publicly denounced guns, he privately trafficked them under the table. An FBI agent who had embedded himself in San Francisco’s criminal organization Chee Kung Tong, had many dealings with Yee. After gaining enough evidence against Yee, the agent finally pulled the trigger and slapped on the cuffs.

Yee faces up to 125 years in prison and over $1 million in fines.

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