New 3-D printed ammo to end ammo drought

3D printing technology finally brings reloading into the digital age (Photo credit: AP)

3D printing technology finally brings reloading into the digital age (Photo credit: BCI)

4.1.2014, Palermo, Italy — Italian 3D-printing startup, Brachia Caeli Industries (BCI) announced today at a press conference that it had successfully printed fully functional centerfire ammunition. This comes on the heels of December’s congressional ruling that the Undetectable Firearms Act (UFA), which bans guns not visible to metal detectors or x-ray scanners, does not apply to 3-D printed arms.

Project leader, Dr. Mario Rossi, credited Italy’s stringent ban on civilian possession of military ammunition as the driving force behind the new munitions development. Stating that without such restrictions the need to print your ammo wouldn’t exist. While much of the European Union has extensive legislative arms and ammunition restrictions, Italy allows licensed citizens to carry concealed weapons, but restricts military ammo.

Dr. Rossi and his team intend to recoup the cost of research and development by licensing their new ammo’s Polymer Printable Primer technology. This new tech allows existing 3-D printers to fabricate plastic shell-casings with integral primer-compound. Dr. Rossi and his team expect their new ammunition to be ready for civilian and military use Q-2 2015.


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