Shooting .22 Long Rifle through a 9mm can? (VIDEO)

With the wait times on silencers getting up there, with some people reporting nine-plus month wait times for non-E-filed transfers, multi-caliber suppressors are making more and more sense.

However, conventional wisdom states that even multi-caliber cans should be used with at least similar cans, or performance will suffer. The idea is that you can use a 5.56 can with a .22, but how much do you really lose throwing a 9mm silencer on a .22?

This video may just surprise you.

Granted, this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison of silencers, but if you’re only interested in buying one can, a good multi-caliber silencer’s performance can be more than adequate. And while this particular silencer runs about $1,000, if you only need to buy one can …

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