Pro-gun control mayor gets fired up during debate over new gun law (VIDEO)

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones got more than a little heated during a live debate over a new piece of legislation intended to “unify” fun laws across West Virginia.

Jones, who is a current Republican and former member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, was joined by Virginia Senate Majority Leader John Unger (D), who was the lead sponsor of the bill, and the show’s host, Bray Cary.

The three discussed the legal language of the SB317, which states that an individual may not carry a gun in any municipally owned or operated building. But Jones argued the bill is not as clear-cut and defined as it sounds.

Jones has recently opposed SB317 and held up signs that read: “Warning, Children entering municipal recreation center may be exposed to strangers carrying concealed weapons.”

On the show, he argued the new legislation “hinders the enforcement of the law,” claiming a police officer must first “walk up and tap a guy on the shoulder and say, ‘Please remove your gun.’”

When Unger disagreed with Jones’ interpretation of SB317, Jones said, “What do you [know], you’re a State Senator!?” And when Cary sided with Unger, Jones told him that he wasn’t a lawyer and didn’t know what he was talking about.

Jones closed by defending his stance, saying, “I can read to. We have lawyers interpreting this bill and not some knucklehead up at the Legislature.”

[ The Blaze ]

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