AKs part B, the music video edition (VIDEO)

The world needs more music videos by Dugan Ashley. He makes it a better place by pressing down upon the necks of commies and possibly-commies with his awesome freedom-bearing sweaters and liberty-powered sweatpants. Fueled with knowledge and no doubt a considerable volume of Slim Jims Ashley is a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s a link to the video minus the gun history.

His YouTube channel isn’t the only place to learn about guns, but it is the best place to learn about being an American. Oh, and it is the only place to comment on this giveaway. You can comment here but all we’ll do is use it to enter ourselves into the contest. Comment on the video to qualify.

His Facebook page also contains a good deal of freedom and the Slim Jim lifestyle and stuff. Stuff like these behind-the-scenes photos.






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