UPDATED: Medal of Honor veteran tells John Lott to ‘be quiet!’ during debate on arming military bases (VIDEO)

Medal of Honor recipient retired Col. Jack Jacobs repeatedly told president of the Crime Prevention Research Center John Lott to “be quiet!” during a debate on MSNBC Friday on who should be allowed to carry guns on military bases.

The debate comes on the heels of Wednesday’s attack on Fort Hood. Lott reasoned that if more “good guys” had guns, they would better be able to defend against armed “bad guys.” But as Lott tried to reiterate his point, Jacobs told him to “be quiet” and argued it is a “physical impossibility” for any base to be 100 percent secure and “therefore, prudent commanders have to be prudent in how much risk they are going to take,” Talking Points Memo reports.

Lott told Guns.com that Jacobs kept repeating the same point over and over and after several minutes of waiting, he finally tried to get a word in.

“The interview was nine minutes long and Jacobs kept on repeating that his opponents wanted ‘everybody’ to carry guns, possibly even including children,” Lott told Guns.com. “But no one was advocating that. I didn’t try interrupting him until about eight minutes into the segment, I wanted to point out that he wasn’t accurately describing what was being proposed.”

But each time Lott tried to interject, Jacob either told him to “be quiet” or to stop being “rude.”

“Be quiet,” Jacobs said. “Arming everybody on post and the attending danger in doing that is not a solution to protect the lives of people who serve and sacrifice for us. Now you can say what you want to say.”

[ Talking Points Memo ]

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