Texas mayor drops gun during council meeting, claims it was just a pellet gun (VIDEO)

Pasadena Mayor Johnny Isbell was in the middle of conversing with council members Tuesday when his concealed sidearm suddenly fell to the ground.

The rules of the council chambers state there are “no weapons allowed” inside, even for those who possess a valid concealed carry permit. But after Isbell accidentally dropped his concealed firearm, it was evident he was breaking the rules and some residents are irritated at the hypocrisy.

Isbell claimed the weapon he was carrying “was only a pellet gun,” but according to Pasadena council member Don Harrison, a former Marine who saw the incident first hand, the firearm appeared to be real.

“As a former Marine, I’ve been around a lot of weapons and this didn’t look like a pellet gun to me,” Harrison said. “From what I saw, it appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol; my guess would be a 9mm Berretta pistol. But, it certainly didn’t look like a pellet gun as far as I’m concerned.”

Isbell insisted he was holding the weapon for a friend who gave it to him, claiming he “had it in my notebook” when it fell out.

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