5.11 Tactical bringing back the limited-edition Tactical Duty Kilt (VIDEO)

In what started as an April Fool’s joke gone wrong, 5.11 Tactical is now a sporadic manufacturer of the Tactical Duty Kilt, or TDK. Initially “announced” as a prank, the demand for a tactical kilt was so great that 5.11 Tactical was compelled to make them a reality.

It was a successful limited run, and after a little pressure from the Dropkick Murpheys 5.11 Tactical brought the TDK back for a second run with more color and camo patter options.

Now 5.11 Tactical is prepping a third run of these sought-after tactical pant-alternatives. They will start taking orders for the next batch of TDKs on April 15 later this month.

The kilts will sell for $69 in solid colors or $79 in camo print. 5.11 hasn’t listed the colors that the TDK will be available in but historically they’ve come in traditional shades of the tactical rainbow, like charcoal, coyote, tundra, dark navy, black and TDU khaki and green and we expect this to remain the same. Camo patterns will be either Realtree Xtra or Multicam.

Tactical Kilt RealtreeWhile almost $80 may seem like a lot for a way to cover your shame, it’s in-line with the rest of 5.11’s products and a low price for a well-made kilt.

TDKs will be made to 5.11’s high standards with a pleated 6.14-ounce ripstop cotton/poly blend and use double and triple stitching and are teflon-treated for the best in durability and longevity.

Each kilt has two standard slant pockets for regular pocket gear, reversible cargo pockets, one cargo pocket for two AR magazines and the other for three pistol magazines, 1.75-inch belt loops for any gun or utility belt, a badge holder, D-rings to affix your sporran and a great big hole in the bottom for your legs and all that dangles. Boxer briefs are sold separately as they are considered optional.

Additionally $10 from every sale will be donated to charity, with proceeds going to benefit We Salute You Veterans and the FBI NAA Charitable Foundation.

We Salute You is a veterans’ organization whose goal is to get homeless vets off the streets and the FBI NAA foundation helps out FBI agents and their families at times of hardship and stress.

If you’re looking for the breeziest man-dress that can easily conceal a number of firearms, as big as your sporran can get, then head on over to the 5.11 Tactical website on April 15.

There’s no guarantee this is going to be an annual event as yet, so if you’ve been kicking yourself for letting this opportunity slip through your fingers in the past, 5.11 Tactical is giving you another chance.

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