72-year-old paratrooper uses cane to fight off pick-pocketer (VIDEO)

A 72-year-old former paratrooper used his cane to fend off a pick-pocketer on March 27.

Chet Dunham was strolling down the street in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, when Jeffery Jones, 23, tried to reach into his back pocket and steal his wallet. Dunham whipped around with his aluminum cane at the ready and confronted his assailant, who quickly backed away, the local NBC affiliate reports.

“I felt him in my pocket,” Dunham said. “I turned to see, well I see him, and there’s nobody’s gonna’ have their hand in my pocket without me reacting. That’s how fast it was, just seconds.”

Jones backed away and Dunham seized the opportunity to seek help from a nearby Bank of America. The bank manager called 911 and relayed Jones’ description.

“So he walks by the window, I tell her that’s the man who tried to pick my pocket, so she’s explaining what he looks like to the dispatcher,” Dunham said.

Although Dunham has a bad back, weak knees, and a torn rotator cuff, he’s still a veteran with plenty of fight.

“[Jones] observed Mr. Dunham,” said Grosse Point Farms Police Detective Bryan Ford, “he thought he was going to be an easy target, but obviously he wasn’t.”

Jones was arrested and charged with attempted larceny from a person. If convicted, he faces up to five years behind bars.

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